3T/H Pellet Making Line

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    Time of release:2022-09-23 11:10:54

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3T/H Pellet Making Line  Pellet Making Line



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This wood pellet making line can produce 3tons of 8mm diameter wood pellet by using maximum 300mm diameter forest wood as raw material. The most important part of this line is 2 sets of LGX-900 wood pellet plants.

The whole pellet making line is composed the following steps.

1.  Wood chipping; 2. Drying; 3. Grinding; 4. Pelletizing; 5. Cooling; 6. Sieving; 7. Dust collecting; 8. Packing.

With high efficient operation of this wood pellet production line, every single machine can carry out exellent performance. The assembly is with the features of compact structure, small occupation, low consumption and high efficiency. Each standalone machine will design and manufacture in accordance to the demands of clients. Installation will be carried out and guided by professional technician.

The entire wood pelleting line includes:

• Drum Wood Chipper (chip the raw wood into small pieces);

• Dryer (reduce the raw material’s moisture to a suitable level for pelletizing);

• Hammer Mill (grind the small pieces of wood into nearly powdery form for easy pelletizing);

• Pellet Plant (process raw material into pellets);

• Cooler (cool down the output pellets to avoid accumulation of heat that may destroy pellets);

• Sieving (remove the dusts and crushed pellets);

• Packing (pack the pellets into bags of required sizes);

• Electric Cabinet (control equipments).


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