Accessory equipment


Accessory Equipment

  • Best selling root crushing machine in 2020Adopt 380V, 50Hz, 200kW motorthe upper opening is 3.20 meters, the rotor length is 2.20 Mequipped with 1.0 × 10m discharge conveyor beltthe weight of the machine itself is 18 tonschip size: 5-10cm (chip size can be customized according to customer needs), output per hour: 15-30 tons;

    1. This product optimizes the rotor structure and blade material, so that the output is larger and the rotor maintenance 

    is convenient.

    2. The bearings are optimized in the form of labyrinth, so that dust is not easy to enter. The bearings are equipped with automatic lubrication device, which does not need manual lubricating oil filling.

    3. Optimize the electrical system, adopt automatic control and remote control operation, if the upper rotating part of the machine encounters resistance, it will automatically reverse rotation, so as to protect the main motor from high load operation.

    4. The frame of the whole machine is made of square tube manganese steel, which is widened and lengthened to ensure the stable operation of the machine.

    5. This machine FOB Qingdao price: USD 39800 (delivery within 10 working days after payment).

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    Description of Disc Wood Chipper:

    Biomass crusher, also known as straw crusher, also known as the wood crusher.This machine is very good.It is mainly used to crush large crops, roots, large pieces of wood and materials unsuitable for finishing. 

    As you know, with traditional crops, the wood grinder can only handle materials with a maximum diameter of 30-50 cm.The processing of large diameter materials is very difficult.First of all, feeding is very troublesome, because the crusher feed inlet is very small.Biomass (root or wood) also has a minimum diameter of about 50 cm and is difficult to process.The inlet diameter of biomass crusher is 3.6 meters, 3.2 meters and 2.6 meters respectively.

    Wood crusher model

    Wood crusher using scope and purpose

    Using scope and purpose :

    wood raw material: timber, processing residue (branches, batten, log core, building templates, roots, waste veneer etc.) particle board, fiber board.

    Non-wood raw material: sugarcane, reed, bamboo etc.

    Purpose: particle board factory, high density fiberboard, stubble factory, biomass power plant, wood factory.

    Structure :

    Wood crusher comprises a frame, a rotary material box which rotates under the drive of a material box driving device, a rotor which rotates under the drive of a rotor driving device, the rotor is positioned below the rotary material box, and the position of a feed inlet and a feed hopper is relatively paranoid.

    we can using hammer knives (if in the materials have stone or iron )

    Characteristics :
    1). Advanced structure and reliable technology
    2). High throughput capacity and high quality chips
    3). Low-maintenance and environment-friendly
    4). Cost-efficient and space-saving
    5). Chipping of all kinds of wood
    6). Guaranteed long running time
    7). Hydraulic control, simple operation, easy maintenance.

    Notice:All models can be customized according to customer needs.

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