Counter Flow Cooler

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    Time of release:2022-09-23 11:13:13

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Counter Flow Cooler  Accessory Equipment




• The counter flow cooler adopt countercurrent cooling principle to cool down the pellets wih high temperature and humidity, which avoid pellet cracking by the direct contact between hot pellets and cold airflow. so there is no quick chilling happens and pellet surface cracking can be prevented.

• Use closed unloader with large inlet area, so the cooling effect is significant;

• Adopts slide valve or tilting discharge mechanism with smooth and reliable motion, less pellets remain;

• Low energy consumption, easy to operate.

Technical Parameters:

Power (kw)0.75+0.550.75+0.751.1+0.75
Capacity (t/h)1-23-58-10
External Dimension (mm)1600×1270×31202600×1700×31602700×2200×3260


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