Ring die Pellet mill

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    Product Brief: A company specializing in the manufacture and sale of PELLET MILL-Jinan Shanghangda Machinery Co., Ltd

1. Widely suitability: All kinds of biomass raw material can be used in this machine. Widely material :The rice husk, palm fiber, corn stalks, cotton stalks, wheat straw rice straw, peanut shell, corn cob, branches, leaves, sawdust and other crops in rural areas , solid waste, furfural-residue, edible fungus dregs, and Chinese herbal medicine residue etc.

2. full automation : it has the automatic lubricating device that can add oil for the bearing and roller every 2 hours, so the machine can keeps on working a full day without a stop.

3. The ring die (mold): stainless steel, double layers, both sides of the ring die can be used, thus the life time of the molds can be reach up to produce 1500 ton pellets.

4. Less labor, two people is enough to operation the machine

5. Wearing parts: the wearing parts of the machine are the gear of the roller, molds, only these two parts, we have them in stock.



Ring die Pellet mill  Pellet Mill


** pellet mill machine Parameters:


ModelCapacity(t/h)Power(kw)Pellet diameter(mm)Weight(t)Size(mm)


Ring die Pellet mill  Pellet Mill


Features In Detail:

1. Circulating oil-cooling lubrication system. Firstly in the industry invented the rollers, spindle, transmission system circulating oil-cooling lubrication system. The lubricating oil in the gear box is circulated to lubricate roller bearings, spindle bearing and transmission gear, reduce the temperature of rollers and spindle. This will extend the working life of bearings by more than 5 times.

2. Oil lubricating instead of grease. Firstly obsoleted the traditional cumbersome grease lubrication system, thus avoiding problems of the fixed-time oil supply and intermittent working, oil over-supplying and short working life of bearings caused by grease lubrication. This will save the grease cost by at least 3000 USD per year for one machine.

3. Lubricating oil filtration system. Firstly equipped the lubricating oil filtration system for the circulation lubrication system. This system adopts the imported car engine dedicated filters to filter out impurities in the oil. The delicate filtration prolongs the bearings’ working life.

4. High precision triple geared drive transmission. Firstly installed vertical motor and high precision triple geared drive transmission. Gears adopt the best anti-fatigue and wear-resistant materials for heavy machinery. With the continuous carburizing and quenching process from Leuze in Germany, gears are precisely processed in strict accordance with the heavy machinery gear machining method.

5. SKF silent bearings and wear-resistant seals. Bearings of transmission are high-precision SKF silent bearings made in Sweden, oil seals are heat and wear resistant fluorine rubber oil seals imported from Japan. High precision, long life and smoothly running guarantee the best performance of speed gear box once and for all.

6. Best forged spindle. Spindle is made of structural alloy steel from Germany. Trough precisely processes of water forging, rough turning, heat treatment and CNC machining center, the high concentricity and uniform hardness improve fatigue resistance of the spindle for better smoothness and stability.

7. Die and rollers adopt the high grade nickel stainless steel material. With point-device compression ratio developed with years of experience, dies are precisely processed by Germany's four-axis deep hole gun drill and carburizing of Japan's continuous quenching furnace or American Ipsen vacuum quenching furnace. Inner holes have the features of high smoothness, small resistance, equal distribution and high accuracy. Four rollers as a group can increase the stressed area and reduce the pressure with die, thus prolong the working life of die and rollers and ensure the high yield and efficiency.

8. Unpowered kick-out device. can cut and discharge the pellets without extra power, efficient and energy-saving.

Questions and Answers about wood pellet mill

1. What is the type of your pellet machine ?

Our pellet machine are ring die pellet machine, high-tech, full automatic, during the production process, the pellets will press out by the roller from the mold horizontally not vertically, so it is the roller running around the mold, thus will save a lot of pressure, so the mold and roller can be used for longer time, and capacity will be higher than the vertical-mold pellet machine at the same power condition.

2. What is the largest capacity of your machine?

For single pellet machine, the largest capacity is XL560, 90KW, 1-1.5 ton per hour. We have a pellet machine unit — 3 sets of pellet machine as one unit which is feeding by sub-feed conveyor automatically. That is about 1.5*3=4.5t/h, so capacity could be as large as you want.

3. What are the wear parts of your machines and their working life?

The wears parts of our pellet machine are mold and gear of roller , generally speaking, the mold can be used for making 1500 ton pellets, for example , produce 15 ton per day, than can be used for about 100 days. So for one year production, need to buy another 2 sets. And gear can be used for about 1 month. need another 11 sets for one year.

4. What are the requirements of the raw materials?

1). Moisture content: less than 15%

2). Length: less than 8mm.

5. What kind of machines does the whole pellet line include?

1) Moisture content: if higher than 15%, by dryer or drying by the sun.

2) Length: if larger than 8mm, should use crusher.

3) Cooler: after pelletizing, if you want to pack the pellets directly, should use cooler, otherwise put the pellets aside and cooling by nature.

4) Packing machine: after cooling, could pack by manual or by packing machine.

We have all the associated equipments, please contact me if needed.

6. Is your company manufactures or trading company?

We are manufactures with mature production line, we could offer the best suggestions and recommend the most suitable machines and offer the best and in-time after sale service.

7. Could you send your technicians to our place for installation and train our people?

Yes, we’d like to send technicians to your place for installation as your requirement and your part shall bear the associated fees.

8. What is the after-sale service of your machines?

Two years quality guarantee, during this period, any parts (except the wear parts: Roller, molds, bearings, oil seals) of our machine doesn’t work, after we have talked or sending new parts for free to your place, but still can not fix, we could send our technicians to your place.


Ring die Pellet mill  Pellet Mill

**Buy pellet mill machine from our factory in China

Pellet mill manufacturing is an engineering business, and only excellent pellet machinery engineer can come up with high quality biomass pellet making machine.

In order to buy a quality pellet mill machine or run a good pellet business, pelleting knowledge and pellets making experiences are required.

However, many people get into pellet investment blindly it goes without saying that they are easy to be taken in, for instance, waste money on wrong pellets machine or even pay for a useless machine.

We have the top experts of biomass pellet making and engineers of pellet mill manufacturing, and we are here to suggest you search about the whole pellet making process,

just so you know whether you are buying the right machine from the right supplier and clear that you are getting some good value. As there is a good dose of information online, related to pelletizing process and pellet machines,

it will be quite easy for beginners to catch on the whole swing. When choosing the pellet mill machine suppliers, it is necessary to consider that who can offer you better customer care.


** pellet mill machine Exiting Success Cases:



Ring die Pellet mill  Pellet Mill

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