pelletizer machine

Time:2022-09-23 20:21:20 Author:Mr. Ning


Our company develops a series of pelletizer machines and matching products. Whether you want to pelletizing for own use or conduct a large production for commercial purpose, we can offer you the suitable pelletizer machine and other equipments. The CE and ISO 9001 certificates can promise the excellent performance and perfect quality of our products.

Pelletizer machines mainly include flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Both of them are producing pellets through the compression between rollers and die. The adaptable raw materials for the two kind pelletizer machines are also similar- wood, sawdust, straw, agro waste and animal waste are all available. But they are different in the structure, output, size, etc.

The flat die pellet mill is much more widespread especially for family users. They are characterized by small body, compact structure and flexibility. Its capacity can reach 40-800kg/h with different pellet mill adapted to. The ring die pellet mill is relatively large in size and expensive to purchase. It needs a special place or workshop to set. But accordingly, the yield of ring die pellet mill ranges from 0.2-3.0t every hour. If you are going to dedicate in pelletizing industry, the ring die pellet mill can be your choice. You can also add some other equipment like crusher, dryer, cooler, and packing machine to it for an automatic production.

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