Taigu Longqing Packaging Material Factory caused a fire due to inappropriate welding

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At 16:00 on May 22, the Longqing Packaging Material Factory in Taigu District, Jinzhong City caused a fire due to improper use of welding.After 13 firefighters fingered to dispose of it, Minghuo was extinguished and avoiding casualties.

After the firefighters arrived at the fire scene, the current burning substance was scrutinized by the reconnaissance.

According to the situation, the commander ordered the alert team to alert the scene, evacuate the surrounding residents, and at the same time, two types of water guns in Class B foam were made to block and save the bright fire.More than an hour later, the fire was completely extinguished.

Inquiry and preliminary investigation by the fire rescue brigade of the Taigu District, the cause of the fire was improper use of the workers, which caused the methanol stored in the basement boiler to cause a fire.

Fire Protection Tips:

When the building is built in the use of color steel plates, it should be built with a single -layer color steel plate or mezzanine with higher refractory grades as a rockboard with flame retardant material to prevent fires.At the time, you must hold the qualification certificate to the job before the job; in the welding and cutting Commercial Wood Chipperer cutting workplace, the fire extinguishing equipment must be configured, such as the fire extinguisher, the fire sand, the fire hydrant, and the bucket filled with the water;There are flammable and explosive items.

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