When the fireworks are fired, the biogas explosion is accidentally ignited. The 6 -year -old girl died after being hit by a manhole cover.

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On February 12, on the night of the first month of the lunar calendar, an accident occurred in Taihe Town, Hechuan District, Chongqing.

Beijing News reporter learned from the Emergency Management Office of Taihe Town that a 6 -year -old girl at that time was setting off fireworks and accidentally ignited the septic tank.die.

Public reports show that during the Spring Festival this year, fireworks and firecrackers fell into a well or were deliberately thrown into the puppet well.

Guo Youyuan, deputy director of the combat training office of the Guiyang Fire Rescue Detachment, said that Masai is mostly a sewer in the city.Explosion will occur.

In addition, Guo Youyuan mentioned that there may be gas pipelines in the cities of the city. If the underground gas pipeline is leaked, the leaky gas is accumulated in the well, and the firecrackers thrown out are caused by a series of explosions.

On February 13, the explosion scene of the Yaojing explosion in Taihe Town, Chongqing has been surrounded.The interviewees confessed the picture


窨 受 受 受

On the 13th, Xiaosuko Street, Taihe Town, Hechuan District, Chongqing, due to the explosion accident on the 12th, the sidewalk on the side of the road was fencedStop, several shops around the street have been suspended.

The surveillance video near the incident shows that at 19:40 on the 12th, people on the road came and went, and suddenly a fire flashed in the distance.Another video shot by netizens shows that there are well -running wells in the incident street, smoking in the inside of the well, and the floor tiles paved near the well of the well were also bombed and the soil was exposed.

Jianqiang is a merchant in the incident.He told the Beijing News reporter that at 19 o'clock that day, there was an explosion on the sidewalk across his family, and the three manhole covers were lifted.[That day was the first day. At that time, I was resting on the second floor, and I suddenly heard a bang.At first I thought it was the sound of firecrackers, but I felt the sound was not right, so I quickly looked out through the balcony.]

Jianqiang mentioned that the floor tiles paved on the sidewalk were also bombed at the time, one of which fell on the top of his own second floor, and the shade tile was smashed out of a large hole.In addition, after the incident, there was a piece of wolf borrowing, and many people were injured, and one of the little girls died unfortunately.

Later firefighting, public security personnel attended the scene and pulled up the warning line.Regarding the cause of the accident, Jianqiang said that someone was caused by the fireworks and firecrackers.[Before the incident, the firecrackers outside the window of our house were endless, and no strangeness had been found.]

发生 发生】】】】】】】】】】】.The interviewees confessed


are the fireworks to ignite the septic tank biogas to explode

On the afternoon of the 13th, the staff of the Emergency Management Office of Taihe Town, Hechuan District, Chongqing City said that on the evening of the 12th, there was an in the local area.EssenceAt that time, a 6 -year -old girl accidentally ignited the septic tank biogas when the fireworks were settled.

The above -mentioned staff said that after the incident, many local departments rushed to the scene for investigation and disposal, and the incident details were currently underwriting.

Beijing News reporter found that the official website of the Chongqing Public Security Bureau sent Wood Shredder in January 2021 to the [Chongqing Fireworks Fireworks Management Regulations].

The above regulations show that Chongqing Beiyi District, Commercial Wood Chipperer Jiangjin District, Hechuan District and other cities built areas, prohibiting fireworks and firecrackers.The people's governments in other districts and counties can determine the area where fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited from setting up fireworks and announced to the society according to the actual situation of the administrative area.

On the afternoon of the 13th, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Hechuan District Emergency Administration of Chongqing City that the Urban District of Hechuan District belongs to the fireworks and firecrackers.

There have been many similar incidents in the country

Beijing News reporter sorted out public reports from the media and found that during the Spring Festival this year, fireworks and firecrackers fell into a well or were deliberately thrown into the puppet well.Involved in Fujian, Gansu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Anhui and other places.

On February 7, several children in Changting, Fujian threw the firecrackers into the well, the manhole cover and floor tiles of the firecrackers exploded, one child was bombed by a few meters high, and the other child was blown up and fell down.Local.

On February 3, when two children and parents of Gansu passed the square, a child threw the firecrackers into the well, causing flashing.At present, the wounded is still being treated, and one of them is seriously injured.

On February 2nd, two children in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, threw firecrackers into the sewer at the entrance of a community, causing multiple 窨 Wood Shredder Chipper wells to be blown up instantly.

In addition, the Beijing News reporter retrieves keywords [窨] [Fireworks] on the China Magistrate Document Network, which can find a number of cases related to the throwing of fireworks and firecrackers into the well.

There are cases of cases. On February 8, 2017, Zhang Moumou and his companions set off firecrackers in the stationery store in a community in a community in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City.EssenceLater, Zhang Moumou sued the playmate and stationery store owner and the property company to the court, and later received a total of more than 100,000 yuan in compensation paid by all parties.

On the evening of February 12, on a sidewalk in Taihe Town, Chongqing, a girl accidentally caused a good explosion due to a girl's fireworks.The interviewees confess

biogas and gas pipelines

窨 窨 受 受 受 受 受 受 受, connecting the septic tank, the sewage, feces, and dead branches will produce biogas.The main ingredient is methane, which is a combustible gas. When it encounters an open fire and the concentration value reaches the limit, it will explode.

According to Guo Yiyuan, deputy director of the combat training office of Guiyang Fire Rescue Detachment, it is a limited space. If no one is cleaned for a long time, the methane concentration in the well is within the limit of the explosion.What may cause is a big event.[The concentration range of the explosion caused by a bright fire after mixing between methane and air is 5%to 15%.】

In addition to methane, the organic matter concentration and sulfate content in sewage sewage are high, and chemical reactions will generate hydrogen sulfide.Under standard conditions, hydrogen sulfide is a flammable acidic gas, colorless and toxic, and has a smell of eggs with stinky eggs when low concentration. It can form explosive mixture with air. In encountering light fire and high fever, it can also cause combustion and explosion. In addition, Guo Youyuan mentioned that there may be gas pipelines in the cities of the city. If the underground gas pipeline is leaked, the leaky gas is accumulated in the well, and the firecrackers thrown out are caused by a series of explosions. [So, no matter what kind of situation, when someone threw the burning firecrackers into the well, or the smokers inadvertently dropped a burning cigarette butt, it was like a burning fuse, andThe detonated damage effect is similar to a mines or small bombs.Guo Youyuan said. In addition, in March last year, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and the Ministry of Public Security issued [Guiding Opinions on Criminal Cases related to the manhole cover], which specifically stipulated issues related to the criminal behavior of the manhole cover. According to the provisions of laws and judicial interpretations, if people who set off firecrackers have clear intentions to destroy the manhole cover, they may constitute a variety of crimes.If the act of setting off firecrackers caused a large defect or displacement of the manhole cover, the position of the vision cover, combined with the subjective condition of the actor, may constitute a public safety crime. Beijing News reporter Liu Mingyang Editor Zuo Yanyan School of school pair Yang Xuoli Source: Beijing News