China's biological aerospace coal is the first to receive global RSB sustainable certification

Time:2022-12-28 03:09:05 Author:

China News Agency, Beijing, May 9th (Reporter Liu Liang) Reporter learned from Sinopec on the 9th that Sinopec Town Hai Refinery Decoction and Hydrogenation (HEFA) route biological aerospace products passed the Certificate of Sustainable Biomatical Materials Certification (RSB) certification (RSB) certificationEssence

w Wood Shredder Ming, Zhenhai Refining Biochemical Coal Materials, Production Technology and Products all meet the basic principles and standards of the sustainable development of RSB biological fuel, and obtained the application of global sustainable biomass.Zhenhai Refinery has become the first company in Asia to obtain global RSB sustainable biological aviation fuel certification. This will promote the self -developed and production biological aerospace coal to go abroad, open the international application market, and promote the industrialization of sustainable aviation fuel.Commercial application.

RSB certification agency is a multi -nation -based international organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Wood Shredder Chipper provides a global certification standard for peer review for sustainable biomedical materials, biofuels and biomass production. It is currently widely recognized in the industry.Holding one of the Wood Crusher for one of the renewal standards.It is understood that according to the requirements of the EU and international aviation organizations, biofuels enter the European and international aviation emission reduction markets, and they need to pass RSB certification to ensure that it meets the green low -carbon standards of the aviation industry. Relevant person in charge of Sinopec said that Zhenhai Refining is the first biological aerospace coal device owner.Biological aerospace coal is a aviation kerosene produced with renewable resources as raw materials. The raw materials mainly include catering waste oil, animal and plant oils, agricultural and forestry waste, etc.Compared with traditional petroleum aviation kerosene, carbon dioxide emissions of the whole life cycle can be reduced by up to 50%.With the completion of RSB certification, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical will enter the trial production stage in the near future according to the needs of sustainable aviation fuels in the market.(End)