Jilin Province: By 2025, the natural gas gasification rate of urban population will reach 80%

Time:2022-12-28 03:08:40 Author:

China News Service, November 11th. The website of the Jilin Provincial Energy Bureau released on the 10th [Jilin Province Wood Crusher Petroleum and Natural Gas Development [14th Five -Five] Plan].Development, accelerate the work of natural gas, and encourage local gas companies Chipper Shredd to accelerate the construction of urban gas distribution pipe networks.By 2025, the base Crusher Machine will be fully covered with the pipelines of urban residents at or above the county level.In remote towns that have not yet reached the pipeline, the use of CNG or LNG and other methods to achieve gas use in cities and towns.By 2025, the province's gasification population is about 17 million, the natural gas gasification rate of the urban population will reach 80%, and the demand for natural gas is 800 million cubic meters.(Zhongxin Finance)