Personally experienced the 1949 Changzhou National Day parade

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1949 is the full year of Chinese history.On October 1st, New China was announced, and Beijing held a grand parade and the masses, and subsequently held a parade and rally in all parts of the country.Like many cities across the country, Changzhou has also held a grand National Day celebration and parade.

The solemn, exciting and spectacular parade scene has made me remember.

Moving a bench to watch the parade

On the morning of October 6, 1949, 9,000 people stationed in the Changzhou Middle School (that is, the province's Changzhong) held a military parade. In the afternoon, the 60,000 military and civilians held a grand assembly parade.I was 9 years old at that time, and I was fortunate to see this event.

At that time, his father worked at the Wood Industry Trade Union in Changzhou City.The outside is in the bridge and the new Ximen (also known as the Wen in the gate).Lunan, Huaide Road turned to the right to turn straight to Huairde Bridge, Xizhi Street, Lao Ximen (ancient known as Chaojingmen) and Xizhengli.

Father settled our sister three early that day at the sidewalk across of the union road, and went to the celebration meeting with the team.That day was cloudy to turn overcast weather. Many people on the side of Wade Road were inserting the five -star red flag that fluttered in the wind.

Many people moved the bench to sit on the side of the road and waited, squeezing the roadside sidewalks, and there were almost no pedestrians in the middle of the road.Those who were waiting to see the parade stood up from time to time, and looked at Wenwen in the direction of the bridge.

At about two or three o'clock in the afternoon, the crowd was restless, and suddenly someone shouted before: [Come!]

The long -awaited people on the roadside immediately stood up, and some people rushed to the middle of the road and danced.There are fewer people on our side, so we look far away.Through people's heads, I saw a row of red flags slowly moved down from the downstairs of the New West Men City.

The team is getting closer, the sound of military music is getting louder, and my heart jumps up.

PLA cavalry

The front of the team was the PLA cavalry, and the portrait of Chairman Mao, who was surrounded by the huge Diesel Wood Chipper, came to us. On the road, a horseshoe iron collided with ground pebbles.

They ride a high -headed Malaysia, their back rifles, and their hands were shining with red flags.Several heads of soldiers sitting in the middle were sitting immediately, smiling at the masses while walking, and a warm applause from the roadside people.

Interestingly, a dark chestnut pony running in front of the horse team, neither drove nor saddle, saw it leisurely alone and unrestrained, like a cheerful guide.Many children were curious to point their hands and laugh.The bold child also approached it and touched its body.

Horse behind the horse is a brigade's heroic infantry.Under the magnificent guidance of the military band, they held the steel gun in hand, and made a tidy footsteps with strict formation and firm steps, and from time to time, they burst out loud slogans and passwords.

After the army passed by, it was a team of government agencies, social groups, industrial and commercial, workers, farmers, and school teachers and students.

They raised the five -star red flag, as well as banner slogans, shouted the slogan, and knocked on the gongs and drums.In addition, there are various literary performance teams such as military bands, waist drum teams, and Yangge teams interspersed, and drums and music are burst. Everyone passed them one by one.

Some of the performance projects are quite eye -catching, such as martial arts performance team.Their fifty or sixty people are lined up in two lines, wearing round -top flower -edited hero hat on their heads, and their upper body is shirtless. Each person is a steel -made three -stranded fork.The ministry rotates and threw it, doing various actions.The three steels of the steel turned in the air, making the sound of [Dang 锒].Their skilled skills attracted the applause of the surrounding people.

and the performance of the stilts, it is also applauding.The team members turned into a fairy hero in myths or stories. They were dressed in costumes and stilled stilts.In particular, more than a dozen people behind the team can be said to be extraordinary.Their stilts were actually higher than the eavesside on the side of the road, and walking on the slippery pebble roads are steady.The accompanying person below uses long bamboo poles to hold them and keep them balance during rest.

Silk team is the Wheel Team behind.The strong strong men, the seats made of tall bamboo and wood on their back, and two young children in the costume drama in the costume drama, each child's hat is inserted with two bright colors of wild wild.Rhabow, they seem to be a little hero who has a long time, there is no fear at all.

The team in the religious world is also very interesting.The monks were wearing a cricket, holding a slogan, holding a Buddha, and a word while walking.The Taoist priests wore robes, pulled Huqin, blowing suona, blowing and beating.What is even more interesting is the fragile nuns who are about to go far and sit on the porn (human car) that make people run, causing Wood Chipper to laugh for a while. Due to the narrow streets and crowded people, the entire parade walked and stopped. After a while, it was slowly walking. The parade's team occupied the entire street. Although the sky is getting darker and darker, the parade has never been dispelled.Until the dark, there was a small rain of rain, and the parade ended. The first National Day parade has passed for more than half a century.At that time, the people from all walks of life in Changzhou celebrated liberation and liberation, and used various national characteristics and local customs to express my enthusiasm for the establishment of New China, which left an indelible mark in my young mind.(Zheng Lianxiang)