In the early morning, more than 2 meters of flames devoured the vehicle, and Dalian Fire Fighting emergency aid

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In the early morning of May 8, a car in Donggang, Zhongshan District, Dalian burned a fire, and fire officers and soldiers rushed to extinguish the fire.Fortunately, no one was trapped at the fire scene.

At 3:03 on the same day, the Dalian Fire Rescue Detachment Special Service Brigade received a call from the alarm, saying that it was located at the terminal of Donggang 201, Zhongshan District.

Special service quickly dispatched 1 car and 8 people went to the fire scene for saving.At 3:10, when the fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, the fire vehicle was in the stage of violent burning. The fire had completely devoured the vehicle. The flames were about 2 meters above the roof.The range of the range is filled with pungent burnt flavor.

Due to the large fire, and the alarm person is not the owner himself, it is impossible to determine whether there are trapped people in the car. The situation is very critical.The on -site commander decisively issued a combat order, ordering the alert group to quickly use the alert belt at 50 meters at both ends of the road to implement alert.The fire extinguishing group quickly came out of the single -line two water guns to control the fire of the vehicle.

After 10 minutes, the fire was obviously controlled, and only the vehicle fuel tank was in a combustion state.Based on the on -site fire, Drum Wood Chipper ordered the combat group to conduct reconnaissance Crusher Machine inside the vehicle and found that there were no trapped persons. The commander issued an order to break the vehicle for disassembly, and no personnel were trapped.Essence

Firefighters adopt a method of attacking close combat to clean up the internal fire of the vehicle.At 3:28 in the morning, the scene was safely disposed of.After handing over Wood Chip Machine with the traffic police, the special fire officer and soldiers returned to the team with a special fire officer and soldiers.

According to a preliminary understanding, the accident was an independent accident, and the right front of the accident car caught fire after a violent impact of a telephone pole.At present, the accident is still under investigation.(Yan Su)