Take a look at the top ten domestic idle industrial equipment trading platforms [Wax Cloud]

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Repeatedly affected the epidemic in recent years. How to reduce costs in the face of unprecedented operating pressures in industrial enterprises has become a question that most enterprises need to consider.The proportion of equipment and component procurement costs a considerable proportion of corporate costs. How to reduce the cost of equipment and spare parts has become the rigid demand for most manufacturing country's industrial product market is huge, and the output value of industrial equipment and components that is idle every year exceeds 300 billion yuan. This part of idle products include inventory equipment and components, slow -selling equipment and components, second -hand industrial equipment and components, etc. Product trading platform for your reference.

wax meat net, industrial version [idle fish].Electric Tiger Industrial Internet (New Third Board: 835192) and leading domestic industrial inventory/second -hand/idle professional disposal platform.It is supported by the high -quality resources of online and offline, with a comprehensive, penetrating, and active service system as the guarantee. The first priority of transaction security, with flexible and changeable transaction models and inventory financial services.The digitalization, clustering and weak bordering advantages of the Industrial Internet help users safely, fast, and efficiently handle industrial inventory/second -hand/idle.

Since Academician Tan Jianrong started the unveiling of the wax meat network in December 2019, the platform has reached a disposal inventory/idle cooperation with nearly 10,000 well -known brand manufacturers (including Wood Crusher, Special Transformer, Mercedes Electromechanical, Qianjiang ElectricWait for manufacturers).It covers electric power, electromechanical, construction, environmentally friendly new energy, machinery and equipment, installation general bags, transportation and transportation and other industries.At present, the transaction amount exceeds 100 million yuan, and there are more than 1 billion yuan of industrial inventory idle products.

Orange Industry

provides users with digital industrial products services, focusing on steel, machinery processing, railway, coal mine and other industries, comprehensive trade service platforms for online transactions of industrial products.The main business has platforms settled in services, accurate collection services.

industrial service Internet of Things platform implements full coverage of supply chain nodes, covering industrial product supermarkets, corporate training, intelligent manufacturing, idle assets activation, industrial chain finance, park complete service and other services.Haopin Haizhi has now been connected to hundreds of thousands of companies in parallel, and SKUs have been tens of millions, and millions of solutions can meet the needs of users of different enterprises.

to provide customers with intelligent manufacturing equipment, preferably MRO industrial products, and second -hand industrial product platform services to meet customers from selecting, procurement, maintenance to repaired industrial products full -process life cycle services.

Industrial Warehouse

use the [Internet+Intelligent Storage] model to achieve transparent, zero inventory, and intelligent one -stop MRO procurement and management.Maintenance Drum Wood Chipper, intelligent and intelligent product supply, circulation and service platforms.

Zhenkunxing Industrial Supermarket

Focus on the fault treatment, maintenance, and technical support of industrial equipment; technical research and development and application of industrial Internet+equipment; second -hand equipment and external processing guarantee transactions and services.

Shenzhen Jianhuo Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a trading platform for Shenzhen John live network technology Co., Ltd. to focus on industrial second -hand machinery equipment B2B.Published one -stop services such as the promotion, transaction matching, transaction matching, valet evaluation, after -sales protection, and online transactions.

The maintenance and use of the industrial transmission sharing platform

reduce the use of the market, the latest products and the announcement of the exhibition announcement, and the latest news machine dynamic release of the industry.

Second -handed industrial equipment

Recycling various types of second -hand boilers, textile machinery, printing and dyeing equipment, papermaking machines, food machinery, and closure factories are recycled.

51 Old Cargo Website

51 Old Cargo Network is an old goods transaction information platform, second -hand trading platform; gathering: second -hand car, second -hand equipment, second -hand equipment recycling, second -hand engineering machinery, second -hand goods, factory equipment, second -hand hotel hotelsEquipment, disposal idle, waste metal recycling, waste materials recycling, waste metal recycling, waste copper recycling, waste iron recycling

Welcome the following six category industrial inventory/idle, online wax meat net: 1. Production of Commercial WoodChipperer's remaining raw materials, 2. semi -finished products, 3. finished products, 4. idle work tools, 5. idle production equipment, 6. waste products.