What are the causes of automatic flameout of the gas stove, and what are the solutions to the automatic flameout of the gas stove?

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The use frequency of gas stoves at home is relatively high. The COMMERCIAL WOOD Chippererer. We know what products will be used for a long time, and there will be some small problems. Do not underestimate it.Repair, you need to know that it is easy to cause gas leakage when you are serious. If you encounter the wind, you will blow these gas into the room, which will also cause damage to the human body.

In fact, it is necessary to install a flameout protection device in the gas stove. You need to know that when we use the gas stove, if we encounter a flameout or automatically close the gas valve, it will play a protective role.

The situation of automatic flameout of the gas stove may be caused by the following reasons:

1. First of all, you may observe the color of its flames to see if it is abnormal.When it is yellow, the wind door is required at this time.

2. Remember to check your ignition battery voltage. We know that if many embedded stove batteries are too low, it will guide the flames. At this time, you will change the battery.

3. Check whether the temperature on your combustion disk is heated. No matter how small your fire is, it will be heated.

4. Check whether the top cover of your burner is misplaced or is not in place, and it is incorrectly covered.

We know that when the gas stove is automatically turned off, it will conduct a check on it first. The above phenomena are relatively easy to occur. These are some small problems. You can replace or correct it yourself.

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