After 50 years of burning and waste trillion yuan of natural gas, why can't the fire of the gate of Central Asia can't be extinguished?

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Some people say that the price of natural gas is exactly the same as it itself, flammable and explosive.Beginning in 2021, as the global demand for energy continues to rise, the shortage of natural gas has gradually swept the world, and the prices of natural gas in various countries have also risen.Especially in Europe, when the energy crisis arrives, the price of natural gas is even more outrageous.

according to relevant media reports, the price of natural gas in Europe has soared by 600%since 2021.The price of natural gas in other countries has always been high and remained at a high stage.At this moment, which country can hold a large amount of natural gas resources, then this country can earn a lot of money by selling natural gas.

For example, Russia, as the most important natural gas supply country in Europe, 43.4%of the EU's natural gas from 2020 came from Russia.In 2021, Russia's natural gas exports were about 430 billion U.S. dollars. Russia's natural gas company also estimated the export volume in 2022. It is expected to be around 227 billion M. It can be said that it is full of money.

In Turkmenistan, there is a huge natural gas pit, but this natural gas pit that should be [Jubao!], But did not bring benefits to Turkmenistan.Instead, President Turkmenistan had a headache, because this giant pit has been burning for 50 years!This giant pit is also named [Hell's Gate].

Recently, about this natural gas pit that burned for half a century, there was new movements.President Turkmenistan ordered that if the government is looking for experts from all over the world, it is necessary to take out the execution plan of extinguishing the fire pit. It can be seen that Turkmenistan has been troubled by this burning natural gas pit for a long time.

What is the origin of this natural gas pit?It is reported that Turkmenistan is a country with rich oil and gas reserves. Dawaza is one of the famous natural gas resources.The natural gas pit is located in Dawaza, with a diameter of about 69 meters and 30 meters deep.

At the beginning, this natural gas pit is not a pit, which is no different from other places in the desert. There are droughts here all year round, and there are some villages nearby.In 1971, Turkmenistan also belonged to the Soviet Union. Some Soviet geological Wood Shredder's geological survey was conducted locally. When drilling with machines, it was found that there was a cave full of natural gas under the land of this land.

Immediately, the land suddenly collapsed during the mining process, and the range of collapse continued to expand. Finally, a huge deep pit was formed, which was constantly spraying out of the pit.The sprayed gas is natural gas, but in the 1970s, the level of treatment of natural gas was still very low, and there was no way to effectively prevent the leakage of natural gas.

If natural gas has been spreading, it may also endanger local residents.In order to prevent the gas from leaking, the experts thought of a "once and for all" method, that is, burning it.Experts think that although this pit is large, it can go out naturally for a few weeks.But who knows that this fire has been burned for decades and endlessly, so it is also named [Hell's Gate]. This fire is also ridiculed by [the most burned fire in the world].

Dawaza has a total of three natural gas pits. In addition to the gate of hell, there is a mud pit and pudding, but the natural gas content of the other two pits is not high, which is completely inferior to the door of hell.The door of hell is burned all year round and there is no way to minimize.This is worrying about the Turkmenistan government. Where is this pit? Burning is all money. Some people count the annual gas that is burned every year, and the value is as high as 50 billion yuan!

51 years of burning in Hell, Turkmenistan did not want to get it out.In 2010, the Dava government sent a professional Crusher Machine member to fight the fire, but the ignition was easy to extinguish the fire, and it did not extinguish it for several years.

The local government simply packs the three natural gas pits and packs them slightly, and uses the door of hell as a gimmick to make an internationally renowned tourist line.Every year, there are endless people to come here to check in, which drives the development of the local economy.After that, the gate of Hell also cooperated with a large car event, becoming one of the stops of Rally, and made a lot of money.

Since the gate of hell is used as a tourist attraction, it can still bring a lot of income to Turkmenistan, so why do you want to do it to get it out?There are two main reasons.

1. Natural gas has become more and more expensive

In the past 51 years, countless natural gas resources have been burned by Dawaza, which brings to Turkmenistan by tens of billions of dollars.Only $ 42.3 billion.Although it can still have income to make a tourist attraction, it can only be said to be Jiu Niu and one hair than the money that is burned by natural gas.

The natural gas reserves of the gate of Hell are very huge. In the past two years, the prices of natural gas have soared all the way. Seeing that all other countries with natural gas resources have been eaten, they have become big fat people.And Turkmenistan has such a natural treasure mine, but there is no way to minimize it, and it is not anxious to look at it.

2. The ecology has been burning and destroying the ecology

, although the starting point of the arson and burning pit was to protect nearby villagers, but this fire has been burning, which is a burden on global ecology and local Drum Wood Chipper.This natural gas pit will release a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases every day.

These gases spread with it, on the one hand, it will destroy the atmospheric environment, greatly exacerbate the trend of global warming, and make the harsh ecological environment worse; on the other hand, harmful gases will also pollute the local environment, and to nearby residentsWe cause health damage.

is issued, but how to implement it is also a big problem.First of all, it is impossible to extinguish water. The natural gas is easy to explode. It is the middle of the desert. Watering must be transported long -distance, and the cost is high.If it is buried in sand, it also needs 200,000 tons of sand, and the transportation volume is huge.

Turkmenistan's years is not an example. The coal seams of Helan Shan in my country have been burning for more than 300 years, and a coal seam in Australia has burned for thousands of years.In the 19th century, a 100 -year fire also occurred in Xinjiang's sulfur ditch, and the economic losses caused by each year were 170 million. my country cost 98.72 million, which was extinguished in 4 years. If Turkmenistan can succeed this time, it is also a valuable experience for us. I hope that the [Gate of Hell] in the world can be closed as soon as possible.