The fire is raging!Nearly 1300 square kilometers![The largest forest fire in history] in the United States, it was ignited by the Forestry Administration

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Forest fire in New Mexico has continued to rage. After the merger of forest fires from the two forest fires last month, it became the largest forest fire in the history of the state.The cause of Lin Huo has always attracted much attention. On the 27th, the US Forestry Administration acknowledged that the two forest fires were ignited by the Forestry Bureau. This news made many people stunned.

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According to the US media reported on the 27th, about 3,000 firefighters Commercial Wood Chipperer is working hard to save New Mexico forest fires.In the arrival of rainfall, nearly 50%of the fire was controlled by Diesel Wood Chipper.According to statistics, Lin Huo has burned at least 330 houses, forcing thousands of residents to evacuate urgently.It is estimated that the total expenditure expenditure has exceeded US $ 132 million, and each day of the increase means an increase of 5 million US dollars of fire extinguishing expenditures.

According to the Associated Press, the two forest fires occurred in the southern part of the Luoji Mountains in the east of St. Philippines in the New Mexico State.Among them, Lin Huo began in January this year, and then seemed to be extinguished but repeatedly ignited, burning again on April 19.Another forest fire broke out on April 6.The two forest fires were merged after connecting in series on April 22. So far, the area of the fire is approaching 1,300 square kilometers, which is equivalent to the area of the entire New York City.

Forest Fire, New Mexico, was ignited by the Forestry Administration

found that the US Forestry Administration originally intended to burn shrubs and dead leaves in a controlled manner, thereby reducing the risk of forest fire in the arid season.However, in violation of their wishes, the artificial fire of the Forestry Bureau not only failed to reduce the probability of forest fire, but caused the most raging forest fire in the history of Wood Shredder in New Mexico.

New Mexico Governor Grisham said in a statement on the 27th that the US federal government has a variety of expenses that the federal government [100 % paid] after the federal government [100 % payment].

The US government announced a total of 50 billion US dollars in prevention of mountain fire plans in January this year. The measures include the increase in the number of lipped quantities and artificial ignition to reduce the amount of vegetation in the mountains and forests.

Prevent mountain fires

Meilin Bureau [manual fire] change [fire burning]

In some vast areas, the speed of cutting trees is too slow, and the US forestry department is more inclined to take manual ignition measures, [one burned].The US Forestry Administration Director Randy Moore announced last week that the manual ignition method was suspended for 90 days to re -evaluate the relevant procedures.But he did not explain whether this decision was related to the New Mexican forest fire.