China Nuclear Poyuan: Casting heavy weapons for the country to create a new business card for equipment

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On April 8th, the Beijing Winter Olympics Winter Paralympic Games (hereinafter referred to as [Beijing Winter Olympics]) summarized and commended the meeting.In the development and mass production project of the Wood Chipper Torch Shell Holding the Wood Chipper Torch Holdings, Shanghai Zhong Nuopuyuan Co., Ltd. (referred to as [China Nuclear Poyuan]) member unit's eighth research institute (referred to as [China Nuclear Eight]) Torch team cooperated with Shanghai PetrochemicalSuccessfully completed the research of high -temperature resin ceramic formation technology, effectively solved the major problems of high temperature and combustion resistance of carbon fiber composite materials, and effectively promoted the manufacturing work of holding torch shells.Contributed to the power of China Nuclear and demonstrated the spirit of the Chinese nuclear.

In 1992, with the tide of reform and opening up in Shanghai Pudong, China Nuclear Group established a wholly -owned subsidiary of Shanghai.After thirty years, China Nuclear Puyuan firmly seized the important opportunity period of the development of the nuclear industry, rooted in Shanghai, and continued to make new breakthroughs in the development of the equipment manufacturing industry.In 2018, the merger and reorganization of the China Nuclear Group and the original Nuclear Construction Group gave a new positioning to China Nuclear Puyuan: Sino -Nuclear Group Equipment Manufacturing Specialized Company is one of the 9 professional companies in China Nuclear Group and one of the 8 industrial sectors.At this point, China Nuclear Poyuan has launched a new journey and a Sino -nuclear equipment sailing.

Reject [Card Neck]

Realize the localization of key equipment for nuclear engineering

[China Nuclear Group shoulders the mission of strong nuclear power and peaceful use of atomic energy and ensure national energy security.Always keep in mind that you should take the responsibility of high -end equipment manufacturing technology, and move forward firmly towards the goal.] Han Yongjiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Nuclear Nuclear Pohara.

On March 25, my country ’s independent three -generation nuclear power Hualong No. 1 demonstration project No. 2 Nuclear Corporation No. 6, Fuqing Nuclear Power No. 6, officially had commercial operation conditions, marking my country's level of nuclear power technology and comprehensive strength to rank among the world’ s first square.Among them, the nuclear second -level main steam isolation valve is a product independently developed by China Nuclear Nuclear Valve Technology Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as [China Nuclear Technology]).

The main steam isolation valve is the largest nuclear safety -level key valve in the nuclear power plant system. It has high technical integration and difficult manufacturing.According to Wu Hui, deputy chief engineer of Nuclear Nuclear Puyuan: [As early as 2009, we started the research and development of this project. It took 4 years to develop the first engineering sample machine and conduct strict test verification.Since the domestic conditions are not available in the country, the actual conditions of the work conditions are not available, we send the prototype to the Areva laboratory near Frankfurt, Germany for testing.Under the witness of 19 experts and 19 units, the final test was successful. Foreign experts present were amazed by China that China could reach such a technical level!]

Product Performance Test

As a self -developed person, Wu Hui was proud. He said excitedly: [In the 1980s, he was deeply unattainable.At the level, China Nuclear Technology has now created the world's largest caliber (DN1050) main steam isolation valve and obtained engineering applications.] The breakthrough of this technical point marks the leap from the key valve of our country's nuclear power from the running and running to the lead.

In addition to Hualong One, another task of China Nuclear Pohara -the key technology research and development of the new generation of [Artificial Sun] device is also quite representative.On December 4, 2020, the new generation of [Artificial Sun] device-China Ringer 2 M device (HL-2M) was completed and realized for the first time in Chengdu, marking that China has independently grasped the design of large advanced Takamak devices. , Construction and operation technology laid a solid foundation for the independent design and construction of my country's nuclear gathering and changing piles.Xi'an Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as [Western Nuclear Equipment]) in China Nuclear Poyuan member unit to undertake the development task of the China Ringer No. 2 M core component of the core component, and the first discharge has undergone a high temperature test of 150 million degrees Celsius plasma.

Wu Xiaoqiang, an engineer of the R u0026 D Center of the Western Nuclear Equipment Technology, introduced that the development of this host vacuum room equipment was consuming for 7 years. With the full support of the Nuclear Nuclear Poyuan, the team finally did not humiliate the mission.Wu Xiaoqiang said excitedly: [During the project research and development process, he applied for and obtained 7 patents authorized invention and 1 practical new patent.We know we did it!]

Over the years, China Nuclear Pohara has implemented an innovation -driven development strategy and spared no effort to report the [Card Neck] project.Relying on the system advantage of the China Nuclear Group's entire industry chain and many years of development, China Nuclear Poyuan successfully constructed the [Chain] industry from technology, products to application services, covering nuclear power, nuclear engineering and civilian products.In some segments such as industrial valves, special equipment, instruments, instruments, special materials and equipment, etc., scientific research capabilities have reached the leading level in China.

Today's Nuclear Nuclear Poyuan, its industrial valve is second in the country; it has the capacity of manufacturing a full set of fuel operations and storage system equipment; it is the largest nuclear radiation monitoring system, fire alarm control system, physical protection system manufacturer and physical protection system in the country.Integrated merchants; it owns [SUFA] [H] [262] [Guanghua] and other brands; cooperate with world -class multinational companies to jointly cultivate the world's largest fire detector manufacturer and domestic production scale.

A targeted force

Create [China Nuclear Equipment] New Business Card

In March 2021, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government and China Nuclear Industry Group Co., Ltd. signed a new round of strategic cooperation framework agreement in Shanghai.Space promotes more new platforms, new projects, and new businesses in Shanghai, and promotes the high -quality development of the Shanghai nuclear power industry in Shanghai.China Nuclear Puyuan has firmly seized this development opportunity, participated in the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center in depth, and continuously enhanced its competitiveness, innovation and influence in the nuclear power industry field.

In the same year, the original Nuclear Poyuan launched and landed in the [Five -State] strategic layout.Valve Research Institute, Nuclear Instrument Instrument Research Institute, and Nuclear Equipment Research Institute; use nuclear creative space and various joint R u0026 D centers as the two platforms to achieve the innovative development of the entire process of equipment manufacturing industry research and development systemic, spectrum, and industrialization.Planning -R u0026 D -design -conversion -service 'overall layout.】

This year, China Nuclear Puyuan invested 120 million yuan to establish Shanghai Zhong Nuclear Eighth Technology Co., Ltd.; established Wood Chip Machine Technology Research Institute and Strategic Planning Research Institute to undertake China Nuclear Group [Nuclear Innovation Space] Yangtze River Delta science and technology achievementsIncubation center, set up Zhejiang University-China Nuclear Poukanuclear Election Engineering Intelligent Equipment Joint R u0026 D Center, Zhejiang University-China Nuclear Technology High-performance Control Valve Joint R u0026 D Center, China Nuclear Soviet Valve Technology Industry Co., Ltd.Platform and other platforms such as post -doctoral research workstations of China Nuclear Science and Technology to accelerate the construction of the scientific and technological innovation system and key core technology research.

Nuclear Puyuan adheres to the concept of [small core, large collaboration], always adheres to the reform of the research institute, and actively promotes the integration of internal and external science and technology innovation resources and the improvement of industrial supporting capabilities.[Doing a good job of transformation, incubation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, we must rely on the coordinated advancement of the market and all sectors of society.] Huang Yuzheng, deputy director of the China Nuclear Institute, said that when he talked about his own feelings: [China Nuclear Puyuan Integration Full System Excellent Resources Establishing Institute, the group -based supply chain platform creates an integrated results transformation service platform, which can rely on nearly 100,000 companies to rely on nearly 100,000 companiesSuppliers and partners cover all aspects of upstream and downstream research and development strategies and industrial landing, and targeting the innovation chain, industrial chain, and supply chain to target the force. It can be said that the results are significant.Learn the optimal efficiency of "integration.]

At present, China Nuclear Puyuan is trying to build a smart equipment integration service platform, and use multiple capital operation methods to strengthen the core competitiveness of the existing industrial chain.The upstream and downstream of the industrial chain expands, and actively deploy new fields such as deep -sea and deep space, environmental protection, medical health, artificial DIESEL Wood Chipper intelligence.

Intelligent production line is realistic.

In ensuring the security and stability of the supply chain of the nuclear industry industry chain, China Nuclear Poyuan is based on the construction of a digital operation platform for nuclear supply chain to build the [1+3+N] platform system.Based on the three major systems of [procurement management information system, collection system, supplier management system], the construction and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, carbon marks management, spare parts, redundant materials disposal, procurement agency, domestic and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade, and international trade.Supply chain finance, brand cultivation and agency, supplier resources and demand docking N modules.Realize the resources and capabilities of all aspects of the nuclear industry chain supply system, strategic partners, technological innovation, and transformation of achievement, and comprehensively help China Nuclear Group's [chain long] status in China's nuclear industry industry, and continuously improve the urban energy level and core competition in ShanghaiPower contribute to the nuclear power.

Ningxin Gathering Power

Press the [Acceleration button]

2021 China Nuclear Group deployed [Comprehensive Reform Action] and [Three -year Reform Action], China Nuclear Poyuan actively strives to become the implementation of China Nuclear Group.The first batch of pilot units of reform operations.[Earlier, the original Nuclear Puyuan was basically reforming specific issues, and this time it was a comprehensive system reform.‘Fa cannot be prohibited to be.’, Which requires us to dare to move true and boldly innovate, and insist on changing real changes, rather than seeking stability and fear.】 Han Yongjiang said every word. In February 2021, when everyone welcomed the Spring Festival, a [strong waist project] was promoting in China Nuclear Puyuan.Han Yongjiang focused his attention to the original headquarters of the Nuclear Nuclear Pu. He said: [The functional department, the upper opening, is the center of the entire system, which is equivalent to human waist, which is very important.The waist rod is hard and not hard, which is directly related to the effectiveness of reform.】 Horn sounded, the heads of all departments and employees of the original headquarters of the Nuclear Nuclear Pu were competed for the entire professional company. In the end, 94%of the original staff of the headquarters were competed to the appropriate position, and the employment period was consistent with the operation.This is a review of the combat effectiveness of China Nuclear Puyuan, and a assembly of condensing the consensus of reform and gathering development power to activate a pool of spring water.The Nuclear Nuorihara also opened the curtain of comprehensive reform, and the pace of high -quality development is also more powerful and firm. This comprehensive reform, China Nuclear Puyuan used [three system reforms] as the starting point, thoroughly implemented the spirit of the central talent work conference, and made articles around talents.Establish a market -oriented employment mechanism based on labor contract management and the key of job contract management, and comprehensively implement competition for jobs, and vigorously implement public recruitment, competition, and inductive withdrawal.%Of public competition, all members of the headquarters and member units, all the members of the middle -level cadres implement the term system and contract management; build the [H -type] multi -sequence career development channel to achieve the vertical promotion and horizontal exchanges of employees;Completely implement the management of total salary filing system; set up special awards at the level of professional company, implement equity incentives for core backbones, realize the development of core backbones and enterprise development [Sharing of interests, risk sharing]Member units and individuals are bravely affordable, innovative, and overcome difficulties. In 2022, China Nuclear Puyuan opened [Visan, Yuanshu, Pilot, Pilot] Special Talent Project Plan, [Qi Lai Plan] Focusing on the selection and training of young backbone talents with key positions, outstanding professional capabilities, and comprehensive quality.Focusing on technology, exquisite skills, exquisite skills, and selection and training of professional technical talents and skill talents with outstanding performance in professional technical research, skills operations, and skills innovation;Focusing on the senior enterprise management talents and high -quality professional managers, promote the professionalization, professionalization, and international development of operating management talents; [Quotation Plan] Focusing to the introduction of a number of key technologies, driving the development of discipline fields, and industrial development urgently needed needInnovatively top -top talent. On the road to exploring talents and strong enterprises, China Nuclear Pu Jianjian adheres to the reform of the development bottleneck relies on reforms, eliminates the disadvantages of the selection and employment system, and actively explores and boldly tries a more effective talent incentive mechanism.The spiritual appearance of the vast number of cadres and employees has been renewed, and the passion of the officer entrepreneurship has been further stimulated. At present, Shanghai is facing the most severe challenges since the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control. China Nuclear Puyuan Party Committee actively responded to the call of the Organization Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and adhered to the party building leading the organization's advantages.[The more special periods, the more the central enterprises are responsible.] Han Yongjiang said.The company's party committee quickly acted to form a volunteer team, set up two temporary party organizations, and took the initiative to strengthen communication and docking with the territorial illness and control department and the streets to ensure compliance, accurate, effective, and timely in the prevention and control measures of various outbreaks.All party members implement [dual reporting], actively light up, bright action, and light, obey arrangements, support the front line, and turn into [Bai Bai] and [Little Blue], extensively participate in various anti -epidemic volunteers, interpret the nuclear responsibility with practical actions to interpret the Chinese nuclear responsibilityAnd medium nuclear speed. [Those who are fighting for the flow of all, the first, the thousand sail competes, and the courageous person wins.] Han Yongjiang said.Looking forward to [Fourteen Five -Year Plan], China Nuclear Puyuan will unswervingly guide the new era nuclear industry spirit of [strong nuclear reporting to the country and innovation dedication] in the new era of the new era of China Nuclear Group, and quickly set off a new climax of officers and entrepreneurship to speed up new new entrepreneurial entrepreneurship and accelerate the new new and new entrepreneurial entrepreneurship.The blueprint and combat map become a realistic map. In order to make strong and superior equipment manufacturing industries, it has made greater contributions to helping to achieve [Carbon Dafeng, Carbon Neutralization] and China Nuclear Group [Trinity]. Editor -in -chief of the column: Li Ji text editor: Cui Jiachen Title diagram Note: China Ringer No. 2 M host vacuum indoor cavity Source: Author: Wang Jie