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Speaker: Ruidi An Liwei

Concubation furnace explanation

The condensation furnaces previously explained are some things that are peripherals. Now you need to talk about some difficult parts.Today, we still start from basically, starting with three issues.

The first question: Why is the white smoke from the condensed furnace flue stronger than that of ordinary wall -hung boilers?

Natural gas burning produces water vapor, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen and oxygen contained in flue gas, and 1 cubic meter of natural gas burning generates about 1.5 kg of water vapor (2 cubic meters).The excessive air coefficient of the condensation furnace is about 1.2 to 1.3, the dew point temperature is about 54 ° C, and generally the smoke exhaust temperature is about 60 ° C. When it comes out of the flue, it is already the state of the small water beads, not the steam state.White smoke is a small water droplet. It has become white smoke without having to contact the cold air (winter) from the flue.Ordinary wall -mounted boiler smoke temperature is above 130 ° C. It comes out is an invisible water vapor. After spreading, it will be condensed by cold air (winter) into a visible white smoke (small water droplets).There are a lot of furnaces, especially domestic wall -mounted boilers to smoke higher to smoke, and the power of the fan is greater (smoke rushes out further). In this case, there are fewer white smoke.

, that is to say, the condensate furnace is a small water droplet, not the steam, which looks more intense, and the ordinary wall -hung boiler is visible water steam.Causes the difference between condensate furnace and ordinary wall -hung boilers.

Second question: Is there any problem with the condensation furnace for a long time?

Since the condensation furnace generally has a adjustment ratio of 1: 8 or even 1:10, the minimum power can reach 2.4kW (24KW wall hanging boiler, the adjustment ratio is 1:10. Generally, due to the different tube of Wenqiuli, it can achieve 1:10 1:10.It is not easy to reach 1: 3.5 due to the restrictions of the burner, and it is generally not easy to reach 1: 3.5 due to the restrictions on the burner.

When the indoor load is close or basically reaches the thermal balance, the load is small.The condensed furnace can work under small loads, and the temperature will not rise to 2 ° C to 3 ° C for setting the water temperature. The wall -mounted boiler will not stop the chipper shredd, and keep working in low heat.Generally speaking, I personally think that the power heating output power can be increased (almost all condensation furnaces can be adjusted, and there are specially sophisticated and unsatisfactory. Special circumstances are always there.common case).

The third question: The condensate furnace does not stop working, and customer complaints, how to analyze the benefits of customers?

Concile wall -hanging boiler is also good for working. It can control the water temperature to 45 ° C, or control the room temperature to 22 ° C.But how big the real significance is, it is difficult to assert. After all, it has always been affecting life. It does not mention the loss of flue gas, because its efficiency is more than 100%(the temperature of the water returns does not exceed 80 ° C).What is the significance of using these heat?Comfortable and affirmed, after two digits of the decimal point are exaggerated, accurate to individuals and constant should be possible.Life and cleaning are required. At the same time, there may be condensation in the burning section when low heat.

Then enter the topic, let's understand the story of the hot exchange.The aluminum heat exchanger on the city Crusher Machine is divided into two types: cast aluminum heat exchanger and die casting aluminum heat exchanger.The manufacturing process of cast aluminum heat exchangers is simple and low in cost, which is used by most manufacturers.The manufacturing process of die -casted aluminum heat exchangers is complex and costs high. Most of them are used in high -end products. The die -cast aluminum heat exchangers are formed by the overall forging of aluminum/silicon alloy. There is no welding joint.The heat exchanger's corrosion resistance and extend the service life.

Aluminum heat exchanger is generally easy to process, and the heat conversion heat exchange performance is good. Remember to be eight times that of stainless steel from the material.In particular, product differences can be made. There are many styles of aluminum heat exchangers, and basically there are at least no style patent protection.

Different styles are given to different whole machine manufacturers, which can make different differentiated products to avoid price wars caused by homogeneous products, and obtain a relatively good profit space than Commercial Wood Chipperer.The density of aluminum is smaller than steel and can reduce weight. Now the heat exchangers on the car should basically be aluminum.Machining is simpler than stainless steel. The aluminum heat exchanger is oxidized on the surface, and the corrosion resistance is very good.

Aluminum heat exchanger can make a lot of water channels. The surface of the heat exchanger can be divided by the water channel. It can keep the surface temperature of the heat exchanger within a reasonable range, and it may not even need an additional insulation layer.