Xiaobao Evaluation | 40 wig measurement: 25 pieces contain harmful objects, some suspected animal hair components

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Surging news reporter Yu Yan

Wig is not only the gospel of the hair loss, but also has recently become a fashionable item for many little fairies.How to choose the material of the wig?Do you often wear it, do you hurt the human body?

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission has 40 wig products through online e -commerce platforms and physical store platforms, including 21 pieces and 19 hair films (bar).

The price of 40 wigs ranges from 99 yuan to 6534 yuan.In this trial, the Consumer Protection Commission refers to the test of the wearing performance of the wigs with reference to multiple standards. It is also not involved in the current standards, but consumers are tested by wig materials and safety issues that consumers are more concerned about when purchasing wigs.

The Consumer Protection Commission found that 25 samples measured that the alkyl phenol (AP) and alkylphenol polyoxy ether (APEO) containing harmful to the organism (APO), of which 9 samples exceeded 100 mg/kg.The Consumer Protection Commission recommends that when purchasing wigs, consumers should first pay attention to the quality and safety of the product.The higher the fiber of the hair fiber, the more expensive the price.

At present, there are three main categories of wigs on the market: full hair (ie, 100%hair fiber); chemical fiber (ie 100%polyester fiber) and mixed hair (that is, hair fiber+polyester fiber).These three types of wig products are different in realistic, wearing comfort and price.

This comparison test was inspected for the material logo of the wig sample. Of the 40 wig samples, 33 sample sample marked the material information, and there were 7 samples that did not mark the material information.The proportion is unclear.If the material is nominated as [matte high temperature silk], [imported silk mixed fluffy silk], [memory hair], etc.

Due to the difference in the price of wigs of different materials, the higher the content of hair fiber, the higher the price is more expensive.Among the comparison test samples, the price of the whole hair sample is more than 1,000 yuan, and the mixed hair and chemical fiber hair are mostly less than 500 yuan.If you do not accurately marked the material and proportions, it is easy to make consumers misunderstand when buying.

In addition, through the test of the material of the wig sample, it is found that it is nominated by Hangzhou Qianbird Diesel Wood Chipper Trading Co., Ltd. and a wig sample produced by Jinhua Mengfa Wig Co., Ltd., claiming to be real hair, but actuallyFor mixed hair.

• Wigs with high hair and hair fiber are better permeability

What kind of wigs are more comfortable to wear?

Consumers report that wigs are worn for a long time, and it feels unwavering. Wood Shredder Chipper scalp itching.In this comparison test, it also tested the wearing performance of wig samples.

• Wig products of the hair density, the number of bottom layers, the thickness of the hair, and the material of the hair will affect its breathability.The bottom layer of the product is large, the hair density of the hair is large, and the thick hair material will worse the breathability.

Because the haircut (strip) products are partially wearing Wood Chipper wigs, this comparison test only tests the breathability of 21 samples of hair categories.Dai comfort is better.

From the perspective of the test results, wigs with high hair and hair fibers have better air permeability, and chemical fiber hair permeability is poor.

breathability detection.

Wig sample with good breathability.

Wig products hooking method will also cause differences in hair loss performance. In this comparison test, there are 12 samples of hair categories. There are more than 3 hair filaments.The number of hair samples (hair) samples exceeds 10 hair.

In order to meet the needs of different consumers, wigs will make different hair colors and shapes through hot dyeing and other processes.This comparison test was exposed to the source of the UVA fluorescent ultraviolet light, and the strong maintenance rate and discoloration of the wig sample were tested.

After testing, 40 wig samples performed well after a certain period of time after the exposure of ultraviolet light; the strong maintenance rate decreased to a certain extent, of which the strong maintenance rate of 39 samples was more than 78.9%, and 1 sample decreased.To 58.6%.

Wig Sample strong maintenance rate and color change detection.

25 samples detect harmful substances

This comparison test tests 14 mixed samples and 9 -piece fibrous hair samples containing chemical fiber components.

After testing, the four samples did not renew the burning. After evaluation of the experts, the four samples were considered to have flame retardant treatment during the production process;EssenceFrom the perspective of the test results, wigs containing chemical fiber ingredients. If the combustion process is not arranged without flame retardant, the combustion process will be more rapid and severe. A large amount of melting drops will continue to occur, which will easily cause secondary combustion, and there is a certain safety hazard.

Wig sample with flame retardant treatment.

In terms of safety performance, in this comparison test, the alkyl and alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether was listed as safety indicators to test whether the wig products residually residued the restrictions of human health.

Alkylphenol (AP) and alkylphenol polyoxide ether (APEO) are the main components of current non -ion surfactants and are widely used in industrial detergents. This type of substance is proven to be toxic to the organism.The down jackets, cashmere jackets and other related product standards are listed as limited -hazardous substances.The production process of wigs is similar to other textiles, which inevitably need to be washing and post -processing.

This comparison test refers to the indicators in the relevant textile standards to detect wig samples.After testing, 15 samples of 40 wig samples did not measure the harmful substance; 16 samples measured the harmful substance, but the content was less than 100mg/kg;Among them, a wig sample (nominal trademark: NAYOO) produced by Xuchang Aisi Hair Products Co., Ltd., which measures the content of alkyl phenol and alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether reaching 448.79 mg/kg. In addition, this comparison test also tested the problem of real -life hair material component that consumers pay more attention to. Since the current testing method of real -life in my country's wigs is not available, this comparison test passes the optical microscope ratio ratio ratio to the optical microscopy ratio For human hair fiber horizontal and vertical morphological characteristics, suspected animal hair fiber components are found in some wig samples. The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission recommends that there are many categories of wig products on the market. When buying wigs, consumers should first pay attention to the quality and safety of the product.Grade product. In order to distinguish the wig material, consumers can cut a few hair to burn to see if there is a burning smell of hair. Whether the residue after burning is fragile, if it is, it is hair; if it is not, it is chemical fiber. In addition, you can try to remove 1 hair in several different areas of wig products to observe whether the whole root is broken, or use your fingers to comb the wig products 5 times to observe the hair loss to judge the product's hair loss performance. The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission reminds consumers that under the premise of meeting the daily appearance modification, try to choose a single -cap bottom and hand -woven wig products to ensure good wearing comfort.Too shallow and too bright wigs are generally not very good. For example, this type of wig product must reduce the number of water washing and drying. Responsible editor: Tang Yubing Picture Editor: Shi Jiahui